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Are you sick of feeling tired, overweight, not comfortable in your body or clothes?  Do you cringe when you see pictures of yourself? Does the image you have in your mind not match the image you see in the mirror?  Do you feel younger than you look?  Does your mind feel fuzzy?  Do you long to look and feel radiant and healthy?  Have you ever felt invisible? Do you feel like your body is aging and it's just time to accept you will never have the body you've always wanted?

At the same time, do you just know there's a beautiful person inside that's just waiting to come out and play in the world?  Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to walk into a room feeling beautiful and have heads turn?  Are you curious about what it would feel like to have all that wisdom and experience you've earned be honored and respected and radiating on the outside?  Did you know that the sexiest women in the world are the ones that are 35+ and have learned to tap into their inner sensuality and divine feminine wisdom?  Did you know that any woman can achieve this and transform herself into an incredibly healthy, sexy woman that radiates sensuality, wisdom, confidence, and vitality at any age?

My name is Mia Cara, and I've been on this journey for the past 16 years.  I'm deeply committed to helping women heal their bodies so they can have radiant health.  Our bodies are like instruments of our spirit.  When they are clean, they can play beautiful music.  And every body is different and we each have our own individual messages and voices to put out to the world.  And the world needs every last one!  My name means My Dear One in Italian, and to me it means that we each are so incredibly precious, and nurturing ourselves first and honoring our bodies is how we as women are able to really give our gifts.  I've been the invisible, overweight, depressed woman and I know what that feels like (The picture on the upper left is me at age 25, 30 pounds overweight, and me, upper right, at age 40, feeling beautiful).  I've also now experienced walking into a room and feeling beautiful and sexy, of having men feel so attracted to me they stumble over their words (I never experienced this when I was younger!), and of being able to help people deeply because my energy radiates in a way that creates credibility and trust because I walk my talk.

I believe we are all capable of perfect health at any age.  I believe we all have incredible contributions to give.  I believe that when our bodies are healthy and strong we are able to contribute more.  I believe we don't have to degenerate as we age, that we can actually be more radiant and beautiful the older we get.  I believe that everyone is beautiful, and that mother nature provides all the tools for us to radiate that inner and outer beauty as strongly as we desire, at any age.  And I also believe that the world needs all of us, our voices, our energy, our health, our contribution.  Holding yourself back from your greatness is a disservice to everyone.  So how can we get your greatness out to the world?

The first step is scheduling a free 60-minute Introductory Session with me to uncover your deepest desires around health and beauty and to see how we would be a good match to work together.

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